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Mountain biking is an increasingly popular pastime; the creation of forest Mountain Biking trail centres over recent years has dramatically increased the sports accessibility and provided an exciting and healthy pastime for people to enjoy the outdoors. Increasingly the Forestry Commission, Local Authorities and the Private sector are realising the socio-economic benefits provided by the creation of well-planned and developed mountain bike trails.

Our team of designers and consultants include some of the most experienced individuals in the field, bringing a fresh and exciting approach to consultancy and design. We aim to build strong and lasting relationships with clients and ensure that the facilities we develop continue to thrive and progress over time.

Typical Consultancy services that we provide include:



Back On Track operate a fleet of specialist plant and equipment perfectly suited to the construction of Mountain Bike and BMX trails and pumptracks. Our construction team is made up of a group of experienced builders and shapers who can turn even the blandest of environments into an innovative and exciting riding facility. Our construction team allows us to complete turnkey projects in house affording further benefits for our clients.

Typical Construction services include the design and build of:

• Bikeparks
• Trail Centres and Cross Country MTB Trails
• Skills Parks
• Downhill Courses
• BMX Tracks
• Pump Tracks
• Dirt Jump Areas.



BMX & Pumptracks

BMX is an exciting and fast paced sport and was one of the highlights of the London 2012 Olympic games.

A full scale BMX track can develop riders to the top level of the sport, provide a location for race and club meetings and form the base for strong community led groups.

Pumptracks are visually similar to bmx tracks, though generally a lot smaller in scale. They are suitable for parks and can be planned into housing developments. Riders propel themselves around the track by 'pumping' the bike in an up and down motion rather than pedalling. They are intuitive, fun and keep users in great shape.

Back on Track have been building some of the very best pump tracks and BMX tracks for many years, and we still do. However we believe for most venues and applications that the future lies with Modular Pump Tracks due to their incredible ride, suitability for all ages and abilities and being virtually maintenance free. Please see our dedicated site for Modular Tracks:

pump tracks UK

For bespoke traditional pump tracks, dirt jump parks and BMX tracks please contact us here




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BikePark Ireland Bmx & Pumptracks

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About Us

Back on Track was created in 2004 by founder Rowan Sorrell, who, following years of riding and racing around the world, decided it was time to take a risk and make a big step towards what he had always dreamed of doing; a career in designing and building mountain bike trails.

He speculatively quit his job and secured a contract inspecting and maintaining the 120km mountain bike trail network in South Wales. Rowan was soon selected as designer for the upcoming new trail centre development at Brechfa Forest in West Wales. This led to a shift towards trail design and project management with a number of large contracts delivered over the next few years, as the company began to grow.

During this time, we quickly identified that working with operators that have little or no knowledge of mountain biking was a barrier to reaching the high standards of design and finished work that Back on Track were striving to deliver. The next chapter in the company’s development was started, with investment in specialist construction equipment and skilled mountain biking machine operators hired and trained in-house. Suddenly, it all made perfect sense; a team of experienced and knowledgeable designers and consultants working directly with our own team of skilled trail builders, all driven and working towards the common goal; to design and build the best mountain bike trails possible.

'A decade on, Back on Track are still driven and motivated by the same passion and underlying belief that we were back in 2004. A belief that trails and facilities could be better; more engaging, more creative and more accessible.

We held a strong vision of what we believed mountain biking could become and have been intrinsically involved in the development of the sport to help realise that vision. Mountain biking is still growing, creating opportunities for new facilities and exciting new businesses to develop and flourish. During this time, we have developed an unrivalled experience and knowledge of the processes involved in consultancy, planning, construction and ongoing site-management.

We believe that mountain biking as a pastime is something special that should be developed, shared and cherished. We believe as many people as possible should enjoy the many benefits that the sport can bring; with improvements to health, fulfilment, wellbeing and a better connection to their environment and the natural world.'

Rowan Sorrell


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