We often create trails that are made up primarily of ‘bike park’ style features – that is big berms, jumps and other features that take tens of tons of earth to build up each feature. Other times call for a lighter touch on the land, trails that blend seamlessly into their surroundings and look as though they have been there for decades.

To successfully create this latter style of trails takes knowledge and experience. Building trails that fit harmoniously within their surroundings can be a challenging job and one that if done well, gives little clue to the fact the trail is a recent addition. This is a challenge we embrace and it is something we take pride in doing well.

We design mountain bike trails that conform to the landscape, exerting minimal impact on the environment and habitats they pass through, while simultaneously creating an interesting trail that incorporates the characteristics of its surroundings. In especially delicate habitats the construction methods we use to build trails is selected to exert minimal impact, and as a result this usually dictates the style of the trail.

Take a look through the gallery below of trails we’ve built in sensitive habitats.

 If you’d like to know more about building minimal impact trails then don’t hesitate to get in touch.